Sunday, 26 October 2008


The Belfonte can be easily carried by 1 person. It runs on a safe low voltage (12v DC) electrical supply which is usually achieved by plugging a transformer (supplied) into an ordinary 13 amp mains socket.

The brass spiral of the Belfonte is quite delicate. If it is bent or distorted it cannot be repaired - it must be replaced. Consequently, the Belfonte must be installed where it will not be touched by children, animals or others who do not have the self-control needed to avoid touching it.

The water in the Belfonte circulates continuously. There is a very slow loss of water, mostly from evaporation - indeed the Belfonte may contribute to humidity and other aspects of air quality. There will be the occasional tiny splash that is not caught by the bowl. Consequently the Belfonte should not be installed so that there is a risk of damage to surfaces from the occasional splash. Installing the Belfonte on a cloth will protect the surface underneath - the occasional splashes are absorbed by the cloth and evaporate.

For maximum effect, install the Belfonte in front of a light-coloured wall, so that it casts clear moving shadows.

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