Sunday, 26 October 2008


PAUL FINE is now embarking on a second career, as a sculptor, to supplement 40 years' achievement in the computer industry.

His interest in mathematical sculpture dates from his schooldays, but it has, until recently, taken a back seat to more conventional occupations such as raising a family and working in regular employment.

The Belfonte family of fountain sculptures have been under development since 1995. Some have been sold, others have been given to friends and family.

REFLEXION and RELIEF are a pair of abstract geometrical sculptures installed in the Garden Quadrangle at St. John's College, Oxford.

The Belfonte family, REFLEXION, RELIEF and other geometrical constructions reflect Paul's mathematical abilities, but he intends to extend his work with sheet metal to include irregular and representational designs. He is exploiting the inherent properties of the metal in sculptures that twist, bend and move, using the metal's springiness.