Sunday, 26 October 2008

Creative Philosophy

Undertaking sculpting as a second career has affected methods and results.

Firstly, sculptures are regarded as co-operative projects, rather than an individual's creations. This attitude reflects 40 years' work habits. Contributors to REFLEXION and RELIEF include a metal supplier, metal polishers and finishers, and, most importantly, the committees and individuals of the patron, St. John’s College. Contributors to the Belfonte include potters.

Secondly, surely only an amateur or a learner would invest the painstaking labour that produces an accurate realisation of a mathematically pure design without prospect of reward.

Thirdly, work on REFLEXION, RELIEF and the Belfonte has been mainly undertaken as a recreation, in a relaxed atmosphere that helps to avoid mistakes and to resist the temptation to take short cuts that impair quality.

The development of this second career illustrates the work patterns that are evolving for the new millennium, as described by authors such as Charles Handy.